Any one for h1b stamp in Toronto ( 6 july - 12 july)?


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Hello Nilz,


May i know how did you get the dates in July. I've been looking for toronto consulate  since last one month. All of them are in October.

I did't see any dates in june or july.Can you please let me know how did you got this earliest date.


I'm checking on reschedule appointment page and its always showing the dates in october. Do i need to check somewhere else. Please let me know.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Nilzzzz,


I am trying to get an appointment in Toronto for H1B visa stamping. I want to get mid july appointment, but the system says the next available appointment is in 131 days. I cannot wait that long.


If i click on Residing in Canada: It says 12 days

If i click on Residing in USA: it days 131 days.


I am living in USA nowadays, so which one should I select.



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