New I-140 approved but PD was not captured


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folks, ran into an issue at a critical juncture. Need help.


I had EB3, Approved I-140 with PD of 15th July 2008


I changed jobs, refiled in EB2, new I-140 was approved but as Attorney mentioned, my Old date never got ported to new one.


I never was given the copy so I did not know till now that my I140 has a new date of July 2013 and Not of Jul 2008.


Today i got current in EB2 India but looks like i cannot file because my I-140 did not capture my old PD.


what are my options. 


Can i do a new concurrent filing requesting porting or should i file another I-140 requesting porting first and then file 485.


I am in tough spot here, please advise.



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