Need help regarding H1B stamping on my new passport in canada


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  I lost(or misplaced) my passport with F-1 stamping on it. Then I applied for new one and I got my New Passport. Last year I got my H1B.  I applied for canada visitor visa on my new passport and got it too. Can I go to canada for H1b stamping on my new passport? As there is no F-1 stamping on my new passport, will I face any problems travelling to Canada from USA.

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I lost my passport and applied for a new one and received it. Now, I would like to know the process to get my new passport stamped. My current H1B VISA (got with old/lost passport) has the validity till June 2017. 


I have plans to travel to india in couple of months. If I travel to india now, what is the process to get my new passport stamped?


could anyone please help me?


Thank you for the help!

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