H1B Approved-Traveled on OPT-New I94


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Below is my Scenario


Iam on OPT and its valid till Oct  24th 2014  and my H1B is approved in May2014 and starts from OCT 2014, I traveled to India and returned to US on May 6th on F1 Status(OPT) just i have below doubts


1)do I need to send new I94 to USCIS as my H1B is approved on old i94

2) do I need to send anything to school after I re-entry to US on opt(example i94)

3) i got married last month I heard that for h4 visa interview one can go 90 days prior to start date, so is it better to go after we sent new i94 to USCIS or better to hold sending new I94 to USCIS till H4 is approved to my wife






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