Travel with pending Advance Parole

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Hello All:


I have a valid advance parole document that is valid up to 14th October, 2014. I am planning to apply for a renewal exactly 120 days before current AP expiration (around 14th June, 2014).


I may have to travel to India for an impending emergency, the dates and duration of which are yet unknown.



If I travel after applying for new AP (14th June), but before receiving the new AP:

a) Will my application for new AP be rejected because I traveled when my AP application was pending

b) Do I need to return back to the country by 14th October

c) If the new AP is approved can it (the new AP document) be sent to me via courier in India and as such allows me entry into USA until expiry date of new AP document


Can someone please point me to the specific rule that determines when I can/cannot travel?


Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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