Canada Visa Online Application for H1-B Stamping


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I am planning to goto Canada for my H1-B stamping and started filling online questionnaire for Canada Visa. There are couple of questions by which I am confused. If someone recently applied canada visa online, please help me.


1. What is the main purpose of your visit?


a. To visit family/friends

b. To Conduct Business

c. Tourism

d. To attend an interview as part of the provincial program

e. Other


Since, I am going for my H1-B stamping. Whats the best option to Select. Is it C or E.


2. Do you currently hold a Valid United States Visa or Have you travelled to any other countries within past 10 years?


a. Yes

b. No


Since, I don't have valid US visa now and purpose of Canada trip is to get the stamping, and moreover I haven't been to any country except USA, do i need to choose Yes or No.


Please advise. Thanks in anticipation.





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