Successful stamping in Calgary Canada -- May 27


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Mine and two of my friends visa was stampped in Calgary Candada.


Questions asked.

1. How long have you been with your employer and how often do you talk to them?

2. Any issues with employer and do they pay well.

3. What do you do at your job (client location).

4, Prevoius 140 is approved and you have h1 transfer. Is your green processing is of any use?

5. Highest level of education and where did you do?


Appointment tip : When i searched for via appointment couldn't get from US. So went to Canada and mentioned in Canada, so the appointments were available for all days including next day.


An young Indian guy provided accommodation , took us to consulate , helped to pick passport from Loomis and to get around city. I would recommend to stay with him.




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Hi Ravi,


Thank you for that information. My situation is almost the same. I joined work in 2011 and my F-1 visa expired long ago. I am now on H1-B visa but have not gone back to India since I started working. So technically I don't have a valid US visa as of now. Under these circumstances, can I go to Canada and to get my visa? I have an advanced degree and an employee of a company (not a consultant). What are the risks?

Kindly help as I need to get the visa asap.


Thank you so much.

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I was the under the same scenario as yours. I would say no issues with appointment.


If you don't have a visa appointment available online, then go to Canada. Then on the website , select residing in Canada, dates will open up. Few of my friends have done the same.
Website :

I did book my appointment after reaching Canada. No questions were asked on my appointment during visa interview. The guy i stayed with helped me plan the things correctly. So its safe to travel and book appointment in Canada.



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