Successful stamping in Calgary Canada


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Myself and two of my friend went to  stamping to Calgary Canada.  Process was very smooth.  I graduated from University of Northern Virginia.


Questions were

1. Do you work at client location?

2. How often do you talk to your employer.

3. What's your highest level of education and from where?

4. Your previous employer applied for i 140 but you got a h1b transfer, will your greencard     application will be valid or not.

5.  Does your employer pay well?


I stayed with  young Indian guy , who helped me to get to conulate , passport pick up and to roam around the town. I would surely recommend to stay with him if you are planning to visit Calgary.


Appointment tip : I was not able to get a visa slot till September, so i travelled to Canada and booked slot by selecting in Canada. So got the appointment next day. All my friends did the same.


Let me know if you have any questions.











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