H1b transfer during I290B in progress- what are the chance of getting without counselor processing?


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Request you to clarify my situation to understand what should be done from my end


My I129 application got denied due to my education and Work experience with Employer A


My Employer A filed B2 visa on the sameday of denial on the USCIS website


My employer A filed MTR on 31st day of denial


I approached Employer B to transfer my H1b based on my previous petition(revoked) for the same client and I started working on the day of the receipt number received


I have a new employer C who is willing to aponsor new H1 transfer on PP with their direct client


My question is, what are the chances of approval from Employer C? I have my Visa stamping and I 94 valid till 2015 from the employer who revoked the peition after joining with Employer A. 


As my Emp A has already filed MTR, Will I get the approval based on couslor processing? what are the chances of getting approval without change of status


Since I have visa stamping valid till 2015, do I need to go to any consulate in other country and attend visa interview once I get approval from Employer C or just go out of country and come back with the approved petition?

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