L1A for specialists as opposed to L1-B


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Hi team,


I am on an L1-B visa as part of an IT consulting organisation which expires in November'2014 and have been in the US since Dec 2011. After I came to the US, I got promoted to a 'Manager' designation in Sept 2012. However, even though I hold the designation, I am more of a 'specialist' person leading a DevOps/Infrastructure team at the client site. I report straight to the VP at the client site. Furthermore, as a Manager designation, I didnt work in India and have always been at the client site in the US with this designation.


With my visa expiring in Nov 2014, I was planning to go to India in mid-June to apply for a new L1-A visa (not an L1-B). if that doesnt work, I intend to come back to the US on my existing visa and apply for an L1-B extention.


My questions are -


- Am I eligible for a fresh L1-A visa petition applied from India?

- If that doesnt work, what would be a better option - to apply for an L1-B extention from the US? Or apply for an L1-B to L1-A petition amendment while in the US?

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Thanks Joe! A follow-up question


I do have around 6 months left on my L1-B visa. I plan to travel to India to try and get a new L1-A. Looking at the worst case scenario, is there a possibility that not only my L1-A petition gets rejected, the visa authorities also revoke my existing L1-B, effectively leaving me stranded in India? Do I run that risk?

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