F1 visa - courses to be taken per semester


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Hi All,


I have joined my masters on H4 visa in Jan 2014 with 3 courses (9 credits).


In March I applied for change of status to F1 & I am waiting for my approval.


I have 10 courses to complete my graduation.

In that I have :


Spring 2014= 3 courses (9 credits) on H4 (completed)


Summer 2014= 2 courses (to be completed)


Fall 2014= 3 courses (9 credits) if F1 approves


Spring 2015= 2 courses (6 credits) if F1 approves


If I take only 2 courses (6 credits) on F1 in last semester will I be eligible for OPT? Or is it going to create any problem in future?


Is there any requirement that I should take 3 course per semester for one full year once I am on F1 visa?


Please help me!!


Thank you.

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1 academic calendar for F1 student is 2 full semester (Fall, Spring) with 12 or more credit hours for undergrad and 9 or more for Grad in each semester. Intl Students can enroll in less credit hour during last semester of graduation (in your case 6). Talk to ISO about taking 6 credit hours in final semester-they know more about the rules. Or if you are not comfortable with taking 6 credits, you can take 3 credit hour in Summer, 9 in Fall, and 9 in Spring and that should satisfy the full-time course load and make you eligible for OPT. 

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