Question regarding concurrent filing of green card

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Hello ,

I am Indian national currently on H1B in US. My employer has agreed to file green card for me. Most likely they will file under EB2 category.

I asked for concurrent filing of I-140 and I-485 and was told that since priority date is not current for India , so we can not do that.

Per visa bulletin


It is looking at March 2014 visa bulletin. It says,


say you are an Indian national and you are filing your I-140 in the Employment-Based 2nd Preference category. Per the Bulletin, the priority date for that category as of March 2014 is Nov 4, 2015. If your priority date is May 1, 2016, your date is NOT current, and you may not file concurrently. But if your priority date is any date prior to Nov 4, 2015, your priority date is current and you are eligible for concurrent filing "

I don't understand here. How the priority date as of March 2014 is Nov 4, 2015 ?? Per my knowledge , priority date is when you file PERM.

Is this correct ?

So if my application is filed on 1 Nov. 2014 then I will have to track it against date mentioned on visa bulletin each month. Is this correct ?

Thank you for your answers.

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