H1 B Maxout and PERM processing in progress

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I have a strange situation. Below are my case details



Visa status: H1 B 

Validity : 11-SEP-2014 (after complete recapture, max out time date)


I am working as FT for an american based firm since one year. My company is sponsoring my GC via 3rd party immigration firm. 

My GC process steps are initiated from March 2014 and initial prep work (Wage determination, Job portal adv, 2 month job adv etc) is coming to an end in coming 

2-4 weeks. Attorney has given indicative dates as below on my case. My company doesn't have any development center in India, country where am from.



Below is what my attorney has given tentative timelines:


PERM filing : Mid July 2014 (expected)

Time frame to certify PERM application : 8-10 months

PERM Approval: March 2015 

I140 Approval: April 2015 (Premium) 

H1 B Extension: May 2015 (Premium)


My employment with my company post 11th Sep 2014 is still under discussion (mode of work etc).they want to continue GC processing though i will be stationed remote 


until above mentioned processing is complete. 


Questions lingering in my mind: 

1) Can you GC processing continue though i remain stationed in foreign country

2) Post my approval on I140, H1 b extension is filed under 2015 H1 cap (Quota) or Non Quota 

3) What kind of proof or documents should be presented for my H1 b extension (am not under their payroll owing to 6 year max out on H1b

4) I may or may not work with any company between Sep 2014 to May 2015, should i present any Paystubs for my Visa stamping upon H1 b extension approval

5) Are there any chances for Audit as the employee is treated a future employee 





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