H1B Extension beyond 6th Year


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Need an expert advise on it.

I came to US in 2001 on F1 status and remained on F1 till Dec 2005, at that time I was doing my second MS in Biomedical. I could not complete my 2nd MS (Have one more course to finish) since I got an H1 from Employer A in Jan 2006. I switched the job and Employer B filed my H1 in Apr 2008. Because of my trips in and out of US, My H1 was valid till APR 13, 2012. I left the country (US) in Oct 11, 2011. so I still have about 6 months of H1 left. Now I want to come back to US and an Employer C is ready do my H1 (6 months left). Now the question is how do I extend my stay beyond this 6 months? Can the GC be filed within this 6 months and get an extension over that? Or do I have to go for frsh H1? In that case, do I not need to go out of the country for 1 year and then enter? or can I go back to F1, finish my 2nd MS and then try again for Fresh H1?

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