H1B Calgary Stamping - June 15th 2014 to june 21st 2014


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I am going to Calgary, Canada for my H1B stamping. My date is on June 17th but will arrive on June 15th. I am willing to share accommodation for 1 week. Please reply back when you get this message. I posted my number in my profile.






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I went for stamping at Calgary. My H1B visa got approved. I met 5 other people who were on EVC model that got stamped successfully.


Here are the questions that they asked?


1. Who do I work for?

2. What applications do I work on?

3. Who is my client?

4. Where did I purse my Masters in USA?

5. What is my Major in Masters?

6. Did your employer apply for my GC?

I said yes for this and I have an approved I-140 with current employer.

But in a question is DS-160 "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?" I mentioned "No" for this question by mistake. She corrected me and said since I have an approved I-140 I should mention yes for that query.  Then my visa was approved.

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