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Hello All,


In 2012 I did got multiple entries for Canada Visitor visa - I applied in-person at NY consulate.


I did to do same again but it looks like all the procedure got changed? Is it so?


Can somebody please share what is the procedure to get multiple visitor Canada TRV visa?


I was also looking for list of documents for Canada H1b visa stamping?


Much appreciated.


Thanks in advance




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Hi GK03,


I applied for Canada TRV recently. I mailed my documents with return envelope and I got my passport with TRV for multiple entry in 20 days.


In package, I sent these documents


Document Checklist

IMM 5257

IMM 5645

IMM 5257 Schedule 1

Fee payment $90 for NewYork consulate( Took Money order)

Old and new Passports



Paystubs/Bank Statement  

Employer Verification Letter



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@vancoversep13 - You mean there is NO option for in-person for any location in USA?


@all - Can I got any other countries like Jamaica, Mexico or etc. for H1b visa stamping? This is my second & last H1b visa stamping (First I did in Canada 2013)? Also, I'm into EVC model? If yes, what is the procedure?


Thanks much




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Hello again,


1. Do I need to fill IMM 5721 form as I'm applying from USA? (I think I don't have fill this form, but still double with you guys)

2. Do I need to do "biometrics" procedure? I'm from India? (I think I don't have to do, but still double with you guys)


Please help me out






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