H1B visa renewal at Tijuana, got 221g white slip


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I crossed from San Diego to Tijuana to get H1-B restamped (first one was done in New Delhi consulate).


Received a 221g white slip stating that they are doing administrative processes.

My job is in USA (not consultant, I am a full time employee).

My family is in India.


Can I fly to India?

I don't have a Mexican visa.

Based on my limited reading, I cannot fly to India, since once the admin processing is done, I have to return to Tijuana to get the stamp and Mexican embassy does not approve that of as a valid reason to grant visas (again, that's what I have read, please correct me if I am wrong).


Can I enter USA?

My limited understanding is that border officials on their discretion might allow me to enter (since I have a valid I-797, my H1-B which expired last year has been cancelled without prejudice by US consulate in Tijuana, I still have a valid B1/B2 visa).


Apart from staying in Tijuana, are there any other options which I have at this point?


Thanks in advance for replies. 

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Hi Satbir,


I am planning to come for stamping at Tijuana in June 3rd week and i was made my arrangements.


I am on my H1b Second Extensions, I had my previous Visa with Employer A and got stamped in Vancouver Canada. After that i changed to the Current Employer B a year ago and going for stamping at tijuana.


I am on Employee Client model, and i am always managed by my company manager ownly.


So how you recommend me to come to Tijuana. May i know for which reason they have given 221 g white slip.


Please share your experience and inputs. Are they any other folks with this kind of reason stucked in Tijuana or please suggest something before i take major decision.


I appreciate your time and effort in helping people like me.

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Jmr9848 ....


Can you please tell me if I am eligible to go Tijuana for stamping ?


I completed masters. 

First H1 stamping done in Calgary , Canada

Changed employer one year ago and now want to go to Tijuana for second stamping with new employer



Is your case same as mine ? can I go to Tijuana for my stamping ?



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