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I would like to know if I qualify for a EB1 category.

Please find the details below:


1st Stay in US: 4 months in 2011 on H1B

Current Stay: since April 2014 on H1B(cap exempt)


Promotion to Manager: November 2013 in India


I have worked for the same company for 8 years now and my current designation is a Project Manager.


1. Do I qualify for EB1 considering I have managerial experience and i have worked for the company for 12 continous months in the last 3 years


2. Will I qualify for EB1 when i have 1 year of managerial experience - Nov 2014


3. Do I need to have 12 months of managerial experience outside the US to qualify

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If I remember correctly, EB1 category depends on the job description. You can have all the qualifications and experience butif the job description does not require it, it won't be eligible for EB1.



I would look at the job desciption and consult an attorney. 

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