Working as a independent contractor full-time on H1B


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I am currently working full-time under H1B VISA.

I wanted to work as a contractor. Can I start my own firm and apply for my own H1B and GC ?


If the above option is not feasible.. A professional in my field who has setup his own coorperation and works under it as a contractor. He is a Permanent Resident. He has asked me to join his firm and then work as a independent contractor. Can I take that route ? If I can.. what kind of things do I need to be aware of ?


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You may do none of the things you mentioned. A LPR can do many more things - like start his own company and work as a contractor - which a guest worker (H1B holder) may not. Your friend can hire you on a W2. 


If a GC was as easy to get as a person starting his own company with no significant investment, the country would be overrun with GC holders with microbusinesses.

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