H1B Visa Stamping - Chennai - Please share recent experiences


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Thanks for your suggestion. I just wanted to prepare like what questions are they asking and etc. to get prepared for my intevw.



Their is no question paper for visa interview. All the questions asked will be related to your H1 petition and your previous immigration status.

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Today I got 221(g) AAP from chennai consulate.

Mine is EC model.


VO: What is you company?


VO: Who is your client ?


VO: What is your salary ?


VO: Are you working for the same client?


VO: Can I see your W2?

I told that I am working for the same client from offshore.

VO: Can I have your H1 documents?

Hand over all below documents.

Letrer to consulate, I797, I129,H1b Pitetion letter, Master agreement, SOW, Employee list, Company and employees
tax returns , company reg. and photos.


Then the VO(lady) took all my documents and given me blue 221g. What are chances of getting my H1?

Any one please provide valuble inputs. How long will it take approximately.



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