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Thank you so much for all help on my previous question (specifically T75, Jairichi and JoeF!).  Had another topic I was hoping the forum could help  


Had been working in the US previously on H-1B. Have about 2 years and 3 months left (difference between H-1B approval date on I-797, and day I left company/H-1B withdrawn).

Got my I-140 approved at this time as well – 2008 priority date which is current right now (I am a Malaysian citizen)


If I can get a job with employer willing to transfer my H-1B, How long would it typically take to get the GC from this stage, (Looking to get future employer my I-140). Can someone describe the application process briefly as well? Wanted to find out if I can get it all done with the 2 years 3 month runway I have on my H-1B clock



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If the employer who filed the I-140 is still offering the job to you, you could do Consular Processing. This can usually be done in 1/2 year or less.

If the PD stays current, you can also of course find another H1 employer. That employer would have to file everything for the GC, from the PERM LC on, again, and you could only reuse the old PD. If the PD is current, it should be possible to do in 2 years.

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Sounds good. With a new employer recapturing the PD date on I-140 and redoing PERM LC, etc, I should be able to renew my H-1B once I get the new LC in place correct? How long does it typically take for the LC to be approved? Trying to make sure I would not have to re-apply for a new H-1B for the GC, i only have 2.3 years left on the old H-1

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