USCIS proposal for work permit to H4 petitioners


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I would thank and really appreciate the Idea Community. There are plenty of ideas proposed by immigrant community which really makes sense. I congratulate the USCIS for taking the steps towards improving the lives and welcoming the immigrant community.

The new proposal to allow work permit to H4 is welcoming, but the criteria is not prudent. Most of the H4 petitioners are women and not allowing them to pursue the American dream is prejudiced. Most of these H4s have professional/STEM related college degrees. The new proposal lets the H4 petitioners to get the work permit after 6 years, if the primary H1 petitioner's green card process(approved PERM or i140) is in the midst. After 6 years as a home bound person, their professional skills, the desire to work are slim to none. And getting a job to best suit their education, after 6 year break is very difficult. Like the L(L1A & L1B) and J blanket visas, the spouses of H1B should be given work permit from the start. When we fix the injustice, let us do it the right way. Thanks for listening to my grievance.


If you agree to the above opinion, you can send a similar email to “Public.Engagement [AT] uscis [DOT] dhs [DOT] gov”.

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