Prevailing Wages in LCA


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Recently after the I-140 approval, the company that I work with filed for H-1B extension and received incorrect Prevailing Wages in the LCA, which is higher than what I'm currently paid. Since I'm in INDIA and need to go for VISA stamping, I asked company immigration personnel for clarification and suggestion, for which they gave me two options:

1) company will withdraw the entire H-1B application and re-file, which may create queries and may also be denied or delayed.

2) proceed with the current LCA to the US Consulate without waiting for the amending LCA and not to highlight the differences to the consular officials on the incorrect LCA.


In response I said, I will wait for the amended LCA before US Consulate appointment.


I understand that the company is very much in need of my presence in USA and would like me not to wait for the amended LCA, but I don't want to be underpaid if the current LCA is correct.


do you think i made the right choice in asking for amended LCA and wait for the amended LCA before the consulate appointment?


I appreciate your thoughts on this.

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