I-140/H1B extension process-Are these done sequentially


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I have following questions:


1. Does one automatically get an H1B extension as part of I-140 or I-140 approval and H1B extension (based on approved I-140) are separate steps and are done sequentially.


2. Can employer file for I-140 and H1B extension when they don't have an open position or job for the candidate for whom they filed PERM.


3. Can one only change employers once I-140 is approved and H1B extended by the current employer.






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Thanks.  One follow up question.


If the current employer does I-140, can this be used to get H1B extension for a new employer given the situation when H1B with the current employer has expired and one is out of the country.

Yes you can. But make sure that I140 is not revoked at that time.

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