how long it takes to get the passport after successful visa interview(after VO approves your visa)


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Hi friends - 


I wanted to know how long it takes to get the PP stamped after VO approves the visa.

I have interview scheduled @calgary on 28th and wanted to know how long it takes.


Does it take more than a week? What to do if we don't get any update on passport pick up from loomies center? is there any way we can contact embassy/VO if we do not hear form anybody for one week?



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My interview in Toronto happened on Monday and PP reached Loomis branch Wednesday evening. I received PP on Thursday morning. Usually this is the case. But every case is different and some ppl received the PP directly from consulate on Wednesday also.

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You should get passport within 3-5 business day. If you do not get within that you can contact Embassy.

Most of the time people get passports on 3rd business day after interview day. In your case you may get friday or monday. excluding the holidays and weekend.

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