Successful stamping at Ottawa on May 22


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Just wanted to share my stamping experience at Ottawa.


I had an appointment for my H1b stamping at ottawa today - May 22 at 9:30 AM.


after security check . went to the Window 7 and they checked my Appointment, DS 160 passport and gave me token and asked to be seated.


after 15-20 minutes, they asked my token for finger printing and gave me my documents back in yellow folder with the same token# .


again waited for 15-20 mins and finally I was called to go to Windows 3 for interview.


1 -  Me -  Good Morning Sir

VO -  smiled and Good Morning


and then he did not ask any question for 2-3 minutes and checking something in the system


2 -  VO -  Is this your renewal

Me-  YES


3 -  VO - what is your company name

me-  told my employer name


4 -  VO - what do they do

ME - Answered


5 - Vo - where do you live

Me- first I only told him City/Stage name and again realized that I need to give him complete address so I started it again . Vo smiled and said.that's OK no need 


6 -  Vo -  again checking something in the system for 2-3 minutes and finally told your visa should be ready next week and then checked something and asked me what was my education background.


Me -  Answered


and said Thanks you.


entire process took 45 minutes for me.


hope this helps. Please reply back if you need more detail.



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as far as I know everybody got their visa on the day of May 22. there were windows no 2 & 3 and VO on Window#2 was taking longer then window #3 and you can clearly hear what he is asking. he was asking more questions then VO on window #3 but so far all were approved.


no documents were asked just questions from all your detail from DS 160.


Good luck.

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