H1B - am I eligible with a BSN and Paramedic license?


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I am currently on the OPT portion of my F1 visa which is set to expire at the end of this month. I graduated with an Associates degree in Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) in May 2013 from a local community college. I will receive my new I-20 next month as I plan to continue my pre-requisites and apply to an accelerated BSN (Bachelor of Science and Nursing) program starting January 2015.  I have recently become aware that H1B visas for a regular RN position are impossible to obtain as the position does not require a 4-year bachelor degree?! So my first question is; once I complete my BSN will I be eligible for a H1B visa to work in an ER using my Paramedic license as the "specialty"?  Secondly, when does the "cap" for H1B visas open each year and what happens if it is reached...are there any other options for me to work in the US?

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