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 My Employer has Filed a H1B Petition in the Cap Exemption Criteria in Regular Processing ,

Last Name

Passport :


Surname : XXXX
Given Name : YYYY ZZZZ


At the Time of Filing the Petition, My Employer asked the Details Names etc...

i Had Given the same .

While Filing Petition

Last name :  ZZZZ
First Name : XXXX
Middle Name : YYYY


So When i got the Reciept Form ( I-797C)  date as ( May 9,2014) on May 16, 2014 from the Employer.  i observed that in the Reciept it is as




I had compared the New Reciept with the Old Reciept, there it was Mentioned like this XXXX, YYYY ZZZZ

I Talked to the Employer on May 16, 2014 and the Employer mailed the Attorney regarding my name Issue.

after one day Passed, Employer told me what names i had given same was published in the reciept, i Was Convicend with his


The Next Day, one of my freind told what is the name in the passport should get reflect in the Petition.

I have stated the Same thing to employer, on ( May 20,2014 ) and told to do the following change.

Last name :  XXXX
First Name : YYYY
Middle Name : ZZZZ

He told that he will ask Attorney to file a Amendment for that. My Doubt is

1. Will i Get the New Reciept i.e. Form ( I-797C)   with the Correct Name Printed. ?
2. Will the Change in the Name will go into the Petition, i.e. At the Time of getting Petion Approved.
3. Do Name change Amendment will take much time. ?
4. IF name AMendment is delayed from the EMployer are there any chances of getting RFE for that. ?

Thanks for your Time







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