Visa Appointment on May 30 @ Kingston, Jamaica. Ready 2 Share Accommodation


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      For some reason this forum doesn't show email ids in the post. Can you please send your contact information to my forum user id at mail dot com. How long are you planning to stay? I am looking for accomodation in the first week of june.

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Hi guys,


I am also having visa interview on May29th in Kingston, Jamaica. Can you please contact me through email( its there in my profile as AIM contact). Please let me know whether you are interested in sharing accomndation.


Stay - May28- June2



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Hi Karthi,


Can you please share your contact. i have my interview on May29th and i am reaching Kingston on May27th night and willing to share accomndation.



hi kranthi, 

    how are you doing, i have my appointment on 29 may, i am flying to kingston on may 27 morning. this is my contact call me  svraidu at yahoo dot com  and seven two seven four six zero seven one three seven. 




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 I have my visa appointment on May 30 2014. I will be reaching Kingston, Jamica on May 29.

If you are interested to share accomdation. Please communicate me on **********



Hi- My name is sunil- I am Intrested to share accmodation- I am comming there on 27 th but planning to stay untill june 3- I can share what ever avillable dates you have.




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