Successfully Stamping at Calgary on May 16


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Before I write about my VISA experience, I want to say thank you to all the members of Murthy forum.

At the Port of Entry in Calgary,Canada.

IO: Purpose of your visit?
Me: US visa stamping.

IO: Can I see your appointment letter?
Me: gave the documents. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- `
Here is my VISA Experience in Calgary Canada on 16th May 2014

I hope every one knows about the security check and other details. so I am just sharing VO questions..

My number was called, VO was male.

Me: Good morning sir, how are you doing today!
VO: Good Morning, am doing good, How are you?

Me: I am good. Thank you.

VO. So u were on F1 visa in US before?

Me: yes sir.

VO: Which Univeristy?
Me. I said my University name

VO: What is you major?
Me I said my major.


VO: Masters or bachelors?
Me: Master's

VO: So your working for 'employer name'?
Me: yes, sir.

VO: do u have client, who is your end client?
Me: Yes, told client name.

VO: What is your role there?
Me: Told role.

VO: What are your daily activities?
Me: Told couple of points.


VO: Do you have any issues with your employer?? 
Me: I said no issues

VO was looking into and typing something for a min, then he said "AM APPROVING YOUR VISA" and you should receive your passport in 3-5 business days.

VO: Asked did you get one these pamphlets(Employee rights information).
Me: Yes, I did.

VO: Have a good day.
Me: Thank you sir, you too.

VO didn't asked me even a single document. He was very friendly and told me to visit banff (scenic location which is close to Calgary). 

I hope my visa experience might helps, who were planning for their visa stamping in canada
I wish them good luck.


Couple of friends attended the interview with me, even they were asked same questions and their visa was approved too.

Thank you.

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Hi all,


me and my friends got our passports today from Loomis even though we did not receive any confirmation on CSC website or from Loomis.


May 16th - Interview

May 19th - Holiday (Victoria's Day)

May 20th - picked up passport from Loomis.


The guy at Loomis was very friendly and helped us, he just asked for reference ID (available on CSC website), Phone Number and ID.


Thanks to all the members who shared your Visa experience, which helped us a lot.

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