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I am on H4 visa. Thinking of joining MS for getting work permit. came to know that a university offers full time CPT after 2 semesters.


1. Any future problems working full time CPT ? How many months can CPT be used?

Avoid CPT. That's a sure way to kill your career in the US.

Concentrate on studying.

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You should be joining MS program for the education - not a work permit.  CPT MUST be part of an established curriculum.  It is very difficult to work full time and maintain a full masters course load or do a thesis. You can apply for H1B with a bachelors degree.


Is this a legitimate university or a diploma mill catering to international students?  If it is the second, don't waste your time or money.


And - it is very late to be applying for a legitimate university's fall semester. Many have application deadlines in Dec or Jan.

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It is Harrisburg University... Any comments plzz

Every university offers CPT, bcos that's part of F1 program. CPT is NOT a work permit. Looks you doesn't know exactly what's CPT is for.


If you are planning to work on FT basis then go for OPT or work visa, not CPT. CPT can be used for internship which should be part your F1 program.

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