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I work for a very big multinational bank. I joinedthe bank in September 2011 in US. I joined through a H1B visa, I was promoted as a manager for a information security function (Team has 8 FTE and 6 contractors). Bank later filed a PERM (EB2) during Feb 2013, received an audit on PERM and since I am already on 6th year of H1B I left the country during August 2013. Bank later tranferred me to the Singapore branch. I continued to manage my team from Singapore. Hoping to get my PERM to be cleared early Feb 2014 and it is mid May the approval did not arrive. My immigration team suggested to wait 4 more months and then apply for a L1A blanket and then travel to US on that.


My questions are:


1. Even though I manage my old team all the team members are in the US, I dont have any local reports, would that be a concern? My company has provided me all capabilties to work remotely. I have meetings with my manager who is a director on video, my team meetings are also on video. Also I work during US hours. Do I qualify for L1A?


2. Taking L1A appointment immediately after completing 12 months would that be a problem.


3. May I travel US on business visa in between for 2 weeks, for mid-year assessments and team meetings.



Please can you enlighten?

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