PREM (GC) for high School Mathematics teacher (NY area)


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What are the chances of getting PREM/GC approved for high school maths teacher in NY area? for a private school.


During prem employer has to proof that they were not able to find local candidates. And i think it wont be hard ? so it it fair to say that GC is not possible for high school teachers?


Employer is ok to start this process but candidate doesn't want them to invest just to see if they get lucky, i want to know chance of success.


Candidate has Masters in area of teaching, and employer is a Private school in NY area.



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First, it is PERM. You seem to consistently misspell it as prem... Permanent Labor Certification:

Second, the employer would have to advertise the job, and see if other qualified candidates apply. That may or may not happen. It depends on the local labor market, it depends if people want to change jobs, it depends if people want to move into the area.

It is certainly possible. If it is possible in your situation is something we can't know. Your employer should discuss the situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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