GC filing by employer

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Hi , I submitted all my requested documents to my employer for GC and after a month when I check for my filing status I got the following reply from my employer. I want to know if this is legitimate answer or my employer is just playing with me.



"GC- The prevailing wage determination status is “still in process” in DOL website. This step is not in our hands to control. As soon as we gt the PWD, we can start the recruitment process."



Please reply and if possible point me to webpage which I can use to reply back my employer.


Thanks to all who are doing wonderful job supporting people like me.



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It is a legitimate step. A general summary of the steps involved for EB 2 & 3 (employment based) green card is


1) Your company files for a wage determination. This basically means getting an official confirmation from the government on what the minimum pay for the job that 'they are trying to hire you into' should be. In some cases the company might have to first file for  job classification.


2) Your company advertises for the job (for a given length of time), interviews any potential candidates and documents the results. If there is no qualifying candidate, then they  prepare a report and wait for a month (called quiet period or something like that) before filing the documents.

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