221(g) White Slip - Ottawa on May 12, 2014


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    I got a 221(g) White Slip in Ottawa on May 12. I was not asked to submit any documents. The VO informed me that my information on PIMS was not updated. About my background, my major in Master’s is NOT listed on TAL(Technology Alert List).


VO questions:

1. Are you a speciality occupation (H1) applicant?

2. Are you here for renewal?

3. who is your employer?

4. what do you do for your employer?


VO officer says he can’t see my petition on PIMS databse.


5. Do you know your PIMS has not been updated?


6. Were you previously employed in US?

7. Whom did you work for?

8. What does xxx company do?

9. Are you military?

10. why did they take you in?

11. what is your highest degree?

12. From which school?

13. what is your major?

14. Do you have any specialization?

15. What did you do in Masters?

16. Can I see your resume?

17. Write down your Master’s academic advisor’s name- took resume

18. Where are you living right now?

19. Where is the city located?

20. Do you like the city?

21. When are you planning to leave?


VO officer asks me to sit for sometime and calls me back in 5 mins.He says there is some technical problem and my PIMS is not updated. It can take 1 week or more.

Hands over a white slip and says they will contact via email. Also says you can tell your company that they didn’t update your PIMS. Didn’t return my passport back.


I have been tracking my case status at  https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx ,it’s been three days and no change in the status, no documents asked.

I had a few questions and concerns which I could use all of your input/suggestions:

1) Is my case just a PIMS issue or is there more to it? ( For most PIMS update cases, the VO mentions “ your visa is approved, but PIMS is not updated”. But in my case the VO did not say any such thing)

2) If this is a PIMS update issue, on a normal basis, how soon would I get an email that my VISA is approved?

3) Can the petitioner do anything to update PIMS (since the VO said “can tell your company that they didn’t update your PIMS” )

4) I need to travel to India in the near future, for this I need to pick up my passport, how long does it take to collect the passport from the Ottawa Embassy?

5) If after some time ( days/weeks?) my visa gets approved, do I need to come back to Ottawa to get the passport stamped?

6) If my visa gets approved and the Ottawa Embassy asks me to come on and get the passport stamped, can I request a date other that what they suggest ( For ex: they say come and get your passport stamped on june 1 , can I request june 10th or so)


I have a million questions running in my head at the moment, thanks a lot for reading the post patiently, any kind of response/guidance is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Ottawa2014,

 I was in the same boat in Jan this year, initially the Officer (window 2) said the PIMS is not updated. Somehow I ended up getting a 221(g) white slip without getting a decision at the end of the interview. The VO did keep my passport and said they will get back to me if they need something from me.  After four days, they asked me for some documents. After submitting the documents  , they approcved my visa immediately and I was able to travle back as planned. So send them an email them asking for status update and wait patiently. My guess is that once the PIMS is updated, they will ask documents accordingly. Until then they may not know what to ask, not sure. Good luck.

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