Successful visa stamping @ Ottawa May 12th


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Hello All - Thank you for posting all your experiences; all were very helpful to read.


My interview was at 9:30 AM , so i reached the consulate around 9 AM. If you go before 30 mins, they will ask you to come back just before 30 mins. Regular check, they let me in. Finger prints etc


Called for interview around 10 AM




1) Who is your employer?



2) Are you linked to that employer (or) you working for a client?

Client -- Client Name


3) Is this your h1 renewal



4) Where do you live



Visa approved. No other questions asked, no docs requests.. So all in all pretty straight forward. Lot's of folks was issued visas yesterday. I am hoping that Waybill will be updated today for passport pickup tomorrow and head back to states.


Good luck!!


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