Visa Approval in Toronto on 05-12-14


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Howdy Folks,

I had my visa approval today 05-12-14, wanted to share my experience.

Flew in from NY yesterday, stayed at a friends place in Brampton which is ard 1 hr via train from the embassy.

My appointment is at 9 am, took the train from Bramalea GO Station Rail(Brampton) at 7.12 am, got down at the Union station-> took the subways to the Osgoode station(2n stop from unionstation. I was at the embassy at 8.25 and the rest followed.


The security guy allowed me inside at 8.25, security check completed in less than 5 minutes,

I was then asked to go a guy who verfied the DS-160 and the passport, the verifcation was done, he kept my pp n ds 160 in a blue floder and asked me stand in the line.

Stood in the line for about 5 mins, then i was asked to come over inside and stand in a different line( this is where the DS 160 will be validated if the PIMS verification is complete.

The first sigh of releif was she wrote on the DS -160 PIMS OK, and then the lady asked me to the counter at the end( finger prints), the PIMS verification n finger prints were completed in less than 10 mins. After the finger prints were completed the lady gave me a token and asked me to sit, the time is about 8.55

In less than 2 minutes my token was called, the VO was a young american guys in his early 30's

******Below is the conversation*******

VO: How are you.

ME: I am doing good

VO: Do you work for XXXX company

ME: Yes

VO: What are your Job responsibilites

ME: Gave a few.

VO: Is this your fist H1

ME: No its my 3'rd

VO: How long were you in US

ME: ard 9 yrs.

VO: How can you stay in US for 9 yrs,do you have a 140 approved.

ME: Yes

VO: Want is you salary?

ME: Gave the number.

VO: Where do you live

ME : Live in NJ

VO: Do you have anyone in the US

ME: I live with my wife in US

VO: When are you planning to go back to US

ME: As soon as I receive my visa and pp

VO: I apporve your visa

ME: Thank You

VO: Do you want to pick it from the embassy or from LOOMIS location,

ME: Asked which one will be faster?

VO: Pick up can be Wed loomis will be on thursday

ME: I will pick it on Wed from the counslate

VO:  Gave me a token which said can pick it on wed between 3-4

ME: Thanks you n have a great day.


I didn't even open my folder to take out any documents :-)


The entire process took less than 40 mins, from the time I entered the counslate till I left.

I would just suggest to be confident and clear with the response you are giving.


This forum is very useful, I recommend every one to write their exp.




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