H4 to F1 .. I-94 expiring


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I had applied for a COS from H4 to F1 on 5th April but have not yet received any reply . My I 94 is expiring on 7th June 2014 since my husband's passport was expiring on 7th June 2014. However my husband has now got a new passport and will get his I94 extended. He has a valid H1B visa stamped on his old passport till Oct 2014.

My question is
Will my COS process be affected in any way by my I94 expiring on June 7th?

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Dont' worry about your I-94 expiry. Even I was in the same boat last year. As long as you have applied COS before your current H-4 I-94 expires, then you should be fine. Don't worry about the gap between H-4 and F-1 I-94's. In the I-797 that you get after your F-1 approval, it will have notice date and start date. Notice date is the date that USCIS received your documents. If that is before your H-4 I-94 expiry date then you are good.

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