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  I'm currently on my OPTX which is valid till Feb2015. My H1B visa is approved and will start from October of this year (2014). If I intend to travel outside of USA and plan to return back to USA before october, should I go for H1B stamping or can I just return on my valid OPT work authorisation?
My doubt is how soon can I go for my H1B stamping before october (some people say I should go 90 days before from October 1st i.e., after july1st..is that true? or can I go even earlier?)
and for any reason if I fail to secure H1B stamping can I still be able to return to USA on my valid OPT work authorization?
Your advise and help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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If your  h1 is filed as change of status and it approved as change of status than you can not come back if ur h1 stamp denied since your change of status from F1 to h1 is done so u r no more on f1 and can not come back to work on opt. your option is only get stamping done and come back. i think 90 days advance u can go back for stamping. But in case staping approved u can not come back to usa on h1 before 10 days of october 1st. please wait for reply from others....

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