H1 Approved in 2008 & Not Stamped , Cap Exempt Possible ?


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Hi all,


I had an Approved H1 Petition gone thru Lottery in 2008 and got it from Employer in US (X) while i was working with a company (Y)


For Personal Reasons I have not got stamped on using my H1 Petition and have not joined

I had got sponsored L1 by my company(Y) in 2013 and went to US in Mar'13 - Oct'13


Now I have resigned Company(Y) in Mar'14 and moved to Company(z)


Company (Z) is willing to send me to US on H1 However I do not have the H1 Petition Approved Copy , it was shredded by my Employer(X)


I have only the  Petitiion Number, Dates of approval and Expired Date as Aug'2011


I have couple of Questions


1. Can my Employer (Z) can file a Cap Exempt using the Old Petition Number ?

2. Is it valid beyond Aug'2014 as it will be more than 6 years after approval ?

3. Do i need actual hard copy of approval petition ?

4.If yes for Question 4, Can anyone let me know best way get that copy ?


Thank you






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