Job change in 7th year H1B

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I am in need of some advice regarding the possibility of switching jobs in my 7th year of H1B. Brief explanation about my current situation:


I am in my 6th year of H1-B with it set to expire on July 1st 2014. I have a pending GC application which got denied in the PERM stage and later an appeal was filed about the denial. Pending that appeal, the one year extension along with recapture of the unused days was filed and I got an extension approved until May 2016.  


Now my question is,

  • Can I switch jobs after July 1st 2014 (i.e after my H1B extension goes into effect)?? 
  • If I am able to switch jobs, can I apply for a fresh GC with my new employer??


Appreciate any help in this regard.


Thanks in advance 

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