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Hello All,

I am towards the end of my 5th yr H1B. My 6th year will start in 2 months.

I am a full time employee with a Fortune 500 and my employer(E1) just filed my PERM. 


I am planning to visit India for a few months this year and I am not sure if my employer E1 will allow to do so. In which case , I will have to find another employers. As an early thought, I searched for some companies who have pending advertisements and who can file a PERM. One of them(E2) agreed to file a PERM for me and asked me to join the company on their payroll  during I140 stage.

1) They have current recruitment campaigns that are going on and can fit me in one of the positions.

2) After PERM approval and before applying to 140, they mentioned that I will have to change employers and join them and be on their payroll.


I want to pursue this backup option , so that if anything goes wrong with the current E1 company when I take a few months off, I can always transfer H1B to the E2 company, where my PERM is already running. 


The only problem is that the H1B transfer will not happen until I get a client letter for E2 to start the process. And, I will be in India at that time. So ,  I will have to attend interviews from India.

However, I have a valid US Visa until mid of next year. 


What do you think guys?

1) Is it good to pursue this E2 option 

2) Do you see any pitfalls in the pursuit of this option?


My 6th yr ends mid next year.

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