Stamping H1B with 60 days remaining on 6th yr and awaiting PERM approval


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Here is my situation:

I am on H1B in my 6th year and my visa ends on Aug 7th 2014. I am waiting for my labor approval which is due any time now, but at the same time I am short by 13 days for the 365 days period to do a 1 yr extension while waiting for labor approval. So as a precaution I was thinking to cover the 13 days by going to India, but if I do that I'll have to get my visa stamped.

Below are my questions:

1. If I am going for an interview on June 7th 2014 it leaves only 60 days for my visa to end, does this short duration come into consideration while approving the visa? I mean does that clearly give out the intention that I am out of US to cover the 365 days period and hence there are chances to reject the visa?

2. Has anybody done something like that before and have got their visa approved even with a short period remaining on the 6th year?

It will be of great help if someone can share their experience or any suggestions on my option

Thanks in advance!

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