H1-RFE , all employer RFE responses are leading to H1 denials

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Got an RFE on my H1-Ext  on Mar 26  (My I-94 expired in March)

One of the RFE was related to right of control and few others related to employer.


Few other applicants that are with my employer also got a similar RFE . Attorneys responded back to 2 RFE's so far and both H1 have been denied. Reason for denial was insufficient documentation. 


I have requested my employer to change the attorney who should be responding on my RFE. We have a call with the new attorney tomorrow.


I have couple of queries :-

1) Is it a good idea that some other attorney is responding onto my RFE (provided I  am going with one of the best attorney in US)


2) If prospective new attorney doesn't agree to take my case (possibly due to employer issues ) , can I transfer my H1 or apply for H4  at this point when My I94 has expired and My H1 is in RFE state.


Thanks .


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