Renewed passport has wrong entry for Gender


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I could not find an appropriate topic for this question. Hope the moderators can move this to the right place.


We recently got my passport renewed from the BLS international USA, SFO. But the passport seems to have the wrong gender printed on it. I confirmed that it was fine in the application that we submitted.


I remember reading that this is easy to get fixed if it is their fault. But this page: suggests that I should go through the whole application process again to get this fixed.


Does anybody have any experience with getting fields corrected in the passport? Is there an easier way to do this than going through the whole process again?





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Thanks Rahul. BLS International has a helpline, but, so far, they have simply put me on hold for a long time and then disconnected the call with an automated message instructing me to submit an escalation on their website. I have done that but there has been no response to that. Appreciate any suggestions.

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