Pls help!! How do I change H1B employer? current employer paying salary but not giving paystubs;

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Hi Experts,


I came to USA six months ago on H1B with a small time consulting company 'A'. Company A has not been able to provide me a project yet, so I have plans to change the employer. I have a full time job offer from a large US based company who's ready to transfer my H1B. 


The problem I face now is that I don't have most recent pay stubs from current  employer 'A' though he's paying me my salary regularly through direct deposit to my bank account. Current employer 'A' is just not giving me the pay stubs on some or other pretext.


My question is, can my bank statements showing the direct deposits of salary (payroll is being run by a third party payroll processing company)  be used as an alternative to the actual pay stubs to convince USCIS showing that I'm maintaining the status? 


Will my prospective employer have any problem going through my H1b transfer if he knows that I don't have current pay stubs? Will they have any reason to go back on the offer just because of this hurdle?


Thanks in advance for giving me your expert opinion.





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