successful H1B visa stamping Calgary May 1st


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VO have not asked any single document . just passport , I 797 and DS 160 conformation page.


Below were the conversation:


Me: good Morning. How are doing today?


VO:No reply . Typing something in computer


VO: what do u do?


Me : Work as Programmer analyst for the client XXXX at location XXXX


VO: How long u have been in H1?


Me: This is my first h1 so since last year oct/13 


he told me put ur left hand for the finger print .


VO: what  they do (about my client)




while telling about my client he said  golden words ur visa is approved . 


Me: Thanks 


VO: Did u read the instruction /rules  blue color booklet? 


Me: i did not understand that question , i thought that he is asking some other doc . so i asked again


VO: Blue color booklet


Me: Yes


He gave me one paper which has information about passport pick up. 


.....One more person also came on May 1 st . Hi also got visa stamping.




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how long did it take to receieve a passport for you? I also had my visa interview yesterday and VO told me that my visa has been approved and told me that i will get an email for the passport pickup. I have not got any email yet. Please tell me what i should do? Will truly appreciate your help.

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