Visiting India on OPT after H1-B approved


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Hello All,


I am waiting for my H1-B application result this year. I am on OPT and I am planning to go to India on OPT/F1 status after my H1-B is approved and come back before that start date of my H1-B that is October 1st. Will there be any issues if I go to India on OPT and return to the country on student status before my H1-B start date? Will I have any issues at the port of entry. Could you please provide me some guidance on this?


Thank you.

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Are you sure you were selected?  Unless you have the H1B I-94 in you hand before leaving, travel will cancel your COS and you will need stamping or your employer must refile.


You may not enter if you have exceeded your unemployment limit; your time in India is counted as unemployment.

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Hello t75,


Thanks for the reply. Yes,I am have been through the H1-B lottery for this year. I am waiting on the result for the H1-B now. I am not planning to leave the US before my H1-B is approved. I am planning to visit India once only after my H1-B is approved and I have the notice and also the I-94 and comeback before October 1st of this year. Can I still go to India on OPT status. Please let me know.

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