My 221g Journey in April 2014 at Calgary


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I would like to thank this forum, for helping me get through H1 b Stamping, now its payback time.


Background: EVC model (MS chem engg and work for Pharma company)


Preparation: The standard documents like 6 month paystubs, employer letter, vendor letter, H1 petition, Client letter, Degree certificates, Latest resume


Canada POE: why did you come to Canada? H1 stamping

 When is your interview? showed him the confirmation page


My interview was on Monday, so i landed in calgary on saturday just to be on the safer side. The hotel deals in calgary for the weekend are really amazing. I stayed in Hyatt Regency which is just a block and a half away from the consulate (Rocky Mountain Plaza), I would definitely recommend this hotel. The other hotels near by are Delta bow valley, Ramada Inn etc. I was told that the hotel prices are high during the week days.


Interview day: My interview was at 8:30am, because the hotel was close by and we are allowed inside only half hour before, i started from the hotel at about 7:50am. I stood in the line, please do not carry any back packs, cell phones, digital watches, flash drives, magnetic cards, car keys etc, the security is very strict. Once entering the building you will be scanned and the lady verifies your appointment confirmation page, passport, H1 B. She provides you with a token number and asked us to wait. Then we are escorted in a group of 10ppl to 10th floor, again an airport type security check is performed. Then we enter the main interview room. As soon as we enter we are provided with a token number and we our finger prints are taken and documents are verified. We can ask them if our PIMS is update, they are very friendly


Once the check is completed, we wait in the waiting area till our token number is flashed on the screen.


Interview: VO was a young guy


VO: Please hand over me the documents

ME: Gave him my confirmation page, passport and I-797


VO: Who is your employer?

Me: Answered


VO: What do yo do for me?

Me: Told him the Job title


VO: What are your responsibilities?

Me: Told him exactly what was written in the DS-160 form


VO:What was your Major?

Me: Chem engg


VO:What were your specialization?

Me: Told petroleum and Biochemical


VO: Can i have your latest copy of resume?

Me: Gave


VO:started typing and said we need to do some more additional processing

Me: Received shock of my life!! asked him if needed any other documents,


VO: He said your documentation is PERFECT it is just that we need to do some processing, it has nothing do with your documentation


VO: I know that you might have made your travel plans, but this is process normally takes 3 weeks but I WILL MAKE SURE IT IS DONE under 3 weeks. He handed over my passport along with 221g and left


I was shocked and could not understand why in the world i received 221g. I came back to the hotel. packed my baggage moved to a cheaper hotel close to LOOMIS


I searched online and found out that there is something called TAL list and biochemical and chemical fall under this category. The checks normally take any where between 3-5 weeks.


I sent out a follow up email on thurday 10/Apr/2014 to know the progress, received a standard reply on 10/Apr/2014


Called up the consulate on 16/Apr/2014 to know the progress, the operator was not helpful in tracking my case. But they told me to send an email explaining the difficulties to the consulate for a quicker response.Sent the email on 16/Apr/2014 but received a standard reply.


Time was running out, neither my employer nor my client received any calls what so ever. I went to the consulate personally on 22/Apr/2014 around 2pm, explained my situation to the security staff, the lady there was very kind so she went upstairs to check my application status. After about 10mins she told me that i will receive an email in a few days to submit my passport. I was a little relieved.


The next, around 10am i received an email to submit my passport, i went the next day around 8:30 am to submit my passport. I had to go through the screening again and went to the window where I provided my finger prints. I gave them my passport and asked them if my PIMS was okay, they verified and told me that it is upto date. I asked them when can i receive my passport with visa stamped, the lady replied that it would take a day or two. I explained to her that its been nearly 3 weeks and i need to get back to the US as soon as i can and requested her to expedite the process if possible. She said that she would try to get it done in a day and asked me to come and pick up the passport at the consulate at 2pm


Finally I went the next day to pick up my passport at 2pm and was very happy to see my visa stamped. I thanked the security lady for her help and left




7/Apr/2014  Interview and 221g


10/Apr/2014  First email sent, received the standard reply same day


16/Apr/2014  Second email sent, received the standard reply same day


22/Apr/2014  Went to consulate to check the status, told me that i will be receiving a correspondence in a few days


23/Apr/2014  10am received an email to submit passport


24/Apr/2014 Submitted passport


25/Apr/2014  Collected passport with visa stamped from the consulate


26/Apr/2014 left for US


19 days in total. Less than 3 weeks as the VO told. Here is the point, if you receive 221g, request the VO to provide the reason, ask them how long would it normally take and request them to expedite the process, VO's can do this


US POE in Canada


Why are you going to US? For work


Which company? told employer name


What do you do? told the title


Stamped the entry date and told me to google I-94 entry, thats it!!


Bottom line is that, you may or maynot receive 221g but just be prepared. We cannot expect who will get 221g but try to keep your records good so that even if you receive it, it will be cleared soon.


Hope this helps, also sincere request to ppl who have attended the interview, DO POST YOUR EXPERIENCE in this forum. It is very helpful to others


Once again i would like thank this forum very much for helping me get through stamping, keep up the good work!!!











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