Pending i-485 and Contract to Hire position


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Hi ,


My 485 is pending under EB3 category. Company A file my GC and got laid of from Company A. Joined Company B as Direct Employee and worked with Client on Contract to-hire basis.

Left Company B after 7 months and Joined Company C as a Full Time Permanent Employee.

When left Company B I was not full time.


Currently I am working with C as full time Employee. Also My Job duties were 100% same as Company A , B & C.



Also While working with Company A,  I had H1 and EAD. Joined Company B on EAD and Currently Working on EAD with Company C.  I filed AC21 after joining Comapny B and Company C within a 6 months after Joining.   Company A has not revoked i-140.



Do you See any problem with my i-485 process due to my JOb with Comapny B (Contract-to-hire Nature) ?


Thanks in Advance.

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No you should be fine. I dont know what you mean by "contract to hire" nature. You were an employee of Employer B correct? It doesn't matter if you were working for client C then.

The client position apparently was a "contract to hire" position. This is a usual construct in the industry, getting somebody on contract first, and if the person is good, offering the person a full-time employee position 1/2 year later or so.

The problem is not the contract-to-hire thing. The one problem that could come up is that the position with company B wasn't fulltime. For a GC, the job has to be fulltime. USCIS could question the AC21 to company B. But most likely, they won't.

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